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Hand-crafted never pre-packaged

Veteran's Day
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If you're looking for presentations that are boring-ass,

keep roaring past, and google Orrin Hatch, I'm ignoring that,

But if you're looking for verses that, are worth scratching words on pads, 

Presentations engaging and entertaining,

I hope you determine that, I'm the person that's supporting that.

I'm saying I said it, inflecting in terms poetic, 

Editing all these sentences until your audience gets it.

Projecting a message that the content is precious, 

And the extent of it settling depends on how it's presented.

Words matter - just ask the actor Jerry Mathers, if he'd rather

change his moniker,

drop a twist like Oliver,

Going solo like an orphan focused on a performance,

that will shorten your boredom,

bring a powerful purpose, not pointless, Power Point avoidance.

Generally attempting to connect content to the existential, 

And if the context gets sentimental,

I'd be semi-mental to express that that's not preferential.

My goal is to hold the audience captive with lyrics like a craftsman, 

tactically adapting to extract a specific reaction.

So if you fiend for speeches on either Leadership or Lean,

Or even jellybeans or dreams, or anything in between,

then maybe you're looking for me,

And that's why I streak this ink, to demo my prose,

And show through this note how a preso could go,

how to apply this,

Hand-crafted never pre-packaged,

For spoken word and preso's,

shout out to Matthias.

Home: Welcome

Let's Collaborate

I will work with you to understand the nature of what you want to communicate and why. What is the goal? Is it to help others look at something differently or to underscore leadership competencies? Is it to talk about change or to inspire others by emphasizing that nothing is impossible?  

A long time ago, I perused a book about a bug that went Kachoo,

and it proved to me the magnitude of what one little voice could do. 

Let's collaborate and change the world.

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3 years ago I was packing for "the Ranch", 1 year ago I was ready to leave behind my 9-5 and the security that goes with it.  6 months ago I finally started my own business and said good-bye to my friends via "See You Soon".  Here's the update.

"...glory in the grind it's like inside this geyser arrived, sunrise - like Him together we rise, cause a rising tide it rises all boats high!"

"See You Soon, Too: The Update"
-Matthias Pope, 2021

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A lighthearted and heartfelt melody. It was time to start a new chapter of my career, but first I wanted to say goodbye to my friends and coworkers.

"I'm going to miss you, sitting and kicking with you...spitting on topics and discussing the issues... "

"See You Soon"
-Matthias Pope, 2020

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A poem about the voices in our heads, and one voice in particular fighting for air.

"The voices so loud they won't leave you alone, break into your home, via unbridled passage through the highways in your mind, and the more you try to set them on fire, the more strident their cries"

-Matthias Pope, 2019

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A poem about the impact of hiding ourselves.

"A force can be easily dismissed- if it's unobservable, as something that doesn't actually exist"

"Milano Cookies"
-Matthias Pope, 2019

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A personal story about my journey through depression

"I rejected myself and expected nothing less than the best of my messed up self, but learned expectations are premeditated resentment and my serenity is directly tied to my acceptance."

"The Awakening"
-Matthias Pope, 2018

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"What is normal? Is it filling our days embracing ways to satiate others' tastes, while trying to erase the stains of crazy, so they won't be displayed on our face..."

"Normal is a Relative Term"
-Matthias Pope, 2017

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"His elves build tables but they're actually actuarial, and his reindeer assess exterior damage while aerial"

"Santa's my Agent"
-Matthias Pope, 2018

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"I foresee a day we can cancel this room reservation, because diversity and inclusion will be so infused in this institution that we won't have to fabricate it from premeditated conversation."

"Why D&I"
-Matthias Pope, 2018

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"So now that you know, go get some Poke, man. Go. It's easy to... Plus it'll get you goin' out your zone like Pokemon Go. Call it Pikachu."

-Matthias Pope, 2018

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"Operational Excellence- some find it menacing, some set against it a repelling medicine, but I stand in defense of its elements, its common key tenets..."

-Matthias Pope, 2016

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Matthias Pope and family

Matthias and his family live in Normal, IL. He graduated from Northwestern University in 2001 and was commissioned into the US Navy. He served as a helicopter pilot until 2010, earning his MBA from University of Illinois in the process. He has a Six Sigma black belt and CPCU and currently works at State Farm. He tells his kids his job is to put the lighted Christmas tree on top of the building each year. His wife Lisa is a nurse and photographer (Lisa Pope photography). His son Harrison is super loud but also super smart, his daughter Adeline is a hip hop dancing angel, and his son Bronson is the best snuggler and comedian this side of the Mississippi.

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Always on the lookout for the next big project, do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss, collaborate, or find out more.

Thanks for submitting!

Matthias Pope at Maiden Voyage Tattoo
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